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Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the large intestine (colon), that provokes diarrhea with frequent emptying of the bowel during the day (up to 20 times), abdominal pain, intestinal sores manifested with blood in the stool and an almost continual feeling of weariness. Despite the fact that ulcerative colitis is a very severe disease, usually treated with medicines and in serious cases, with surgery, I would like to give you first of all some tips on how to obtain a slight and immediate improvement which will help you to prepare for a more radical treatment I will describe later.


My first advice is to start a light diet, while continuing to take the prescribed drugs. “A light diet” is obviously synonymous to “very digestible” or “easy to digest” food, which is exactly what a person affected by ulcerative colitis needs.  But what very few people know is that the composition of foods that are absolutely the least digestible is vegetable fiber, which is in fact contained – in greater or lower percentages (usually indicated on packed foods) – in all vegetables, i.e. in fruits, vegetables and grains, especially the whole bran types. A person with a healthy intestine, and who regularly does moderate physical activity, should be able to properly digest about 40 g of pure fiber daily.  But a person affected by ulcerative colitis – especially one who leads a sedentary life, also due to the constant feeling of fatigue caused by the disease – must in no way exceed the 20 g per day. However – also without having to weigh and estimate the percentages – all those suffering from ulcerative colitis should try to estimate the right amount of daily fiber that could do good to their condition. For some people even eating one fruit a day, or a portion of cooked vegetable or salad or whole bran cereal may already be too much, while others find it discreetly tolerable. If you want to send me an e-mail to describe your personal case, I will do my best to help you – of course without any obligation on your part – to find the right amount of daily fiber that would be most beneficial.


Do not worry – if after some improvement – you come up with constipation after some time. It is not easy to find stable improvement for ulcerative colitis, and furthermore, it will not be achieved in just a few days: after various unsuccessful attempts – your condition will improve. The second and decisive step I recommend is to try the Mayr Therapy, the specific treatment for many intestinal disorders that do not require immediate surgery and may be of remarkable help also for ulcerative colitis. I warmly suggest you read this page of my website, which could be a turning point in your life. Of course, given the gravity of the disease, the therapy must be long enough, and rarely takes less than two months to complete.

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