Dr. Paolo Cataldi

Dr. Paolo Cataldi

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Even as an adolescent I was already very interested in health problems, and as time passed I tried to discover new secrets and methods to reacquire and maintain good health. The only methods I accepted were those that had a real scientific basis, i.e. those that were always and in all cases confirmed by concrete experience. I thus spent my time disseminating the results of my studies.  As you may see, all the studies and works I have published convey a firm conviction developed over the years: the organ that dominates over our health is the intestine! And in order to stay healthy, the intestine needs above all, a healthy diet, because the food we eat nurtures most of all, this precious organ.  This is why I dedicated the rest of my life to studying the best dietary rules, and sharing some of the results I have obtained through my books and my website.

Degree in Chemical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin

Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Milan State University

Specialization with full grades and honors in Gastrointestinal Surgery and Digestive Endoscopy at the Milan State University

Former researcher of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, at the University of Hamburg (Germany). Research fields: kidney stones, tooth decay.

“Neuralterapia” (Neuraltherapy), 1981, RED Edizioni, 126 pages

“La tua Salute” (Your Health), Encyclopedia of official and natural medicine, 1986, Armando Curcio Editore, 8 volumes, 2,306 pages. Besides nearly 8,000 entries, compiled by 30 medical and natural medicine specialists, a substantial 890 entries on natural and alternative medicine (marked out by a green square symbol) were written by Paolo Cataldi.

“Dieta Mayr” (The Mayr Diet), 1988, RED Edizioni, 110 pages (Spanish Translation: “La dieta Mayr”, 2004, Terapias Verdes S.L., 110 pages)

“Vincere il dolore” (Overcoming pain), 2002, RED Edizioni, 160 pages

“Pancia piatta per sempre” (A flat tummy forever), 2009, RED Edizioni, 112 pages

“Il mal di testa intestinale” (Intestinal headache), 2010, Edizioni Italo Svevo, 96 pages

“La dieta del latte” (The milk diet), 2011, RED Edizioni, 96 pages

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