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A bloated tummy is not only a matter of esthetics, but heavily impacts on our general health. Read my advice on how to keep your tummy flat forever.


Those suffering from headaches must first understand that it all starts from a very precise point which most people ignore: the intestine! Here are some tips on how to improve the functions of your intestines, and free yourself from this disorder.


Are you persistently bothered by diarrhea and at times, constipation? Do you sometimes have abdominal pain or a bloated tummy? Do you often feel exhausted? These are signs of an irritated bowel. Here are some tips on how to overcome and improve these conditions.


Do you rarely move your bowels and when you do, it is with great effort, and when you finally manage, do not really feel relieved? Do you often feel low on energy without reason? This means that there is a buildup of stool that stagnate in your intestines and is intoxicating you. Here’s what I suggest you do to stabilize this situation.


How can you relieve yourself of any type of pain, whether on your back, neck, legs or arms, and which is of rheumatic origin? Many religions say the answer is: fasting! But read my suggestions on how to do this properly.


Why do hot fluxes, sweating and depression arise when you are in menopause? The only cause is the toxic substance that accumulates in your uterus. Read my advice on how to get some relief.

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